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Cyclorin 50 mg/100 ml Eye Drops


Cyclorin 50 mg/100 ml Eye Drops

Indications: severe active rheumatoid arthritis when conventional therapy inappropriate or ineffective; graft-versus-host disease; atopic dermatitis and psoriasis
Cautions: Additional cautions in rheumatoid arthritis
Contraindication: in abnormal renal function, hypertension not under control, infections not under control, and malignancy. Serum creatinine needs to be measured initially before treatment, and monitored every 2 weeks for the first 3 months, and thereafter every 4 weeks
Dose: ADULT over 18 years by mouth, administered in accordance with expert advice, 2.5 mg/kg daily in 2 divided doses initially, then increased if necessary after 6 weeks to max. 4 mg/kg daily; treatment should be discontinued if the response is insufficient in 3 months; dose should be adjusted according to the response and should be reviewed in 6 months and treatment should be continued only if benefits are clearly outweigh risks. CHILD and under 18 years, not recommended


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